From Blogger to Filmmaker with Andrew Lovesey


What goes on inside the mind of an artist? Let’s find out in today’s episode with filmmaker Andrew Lovesey. Andrew is not only an emerging filmmaker, he has been working in the marketing industry for nearly 10 years. Specializing in stakeholder and community engagement leveraging digital and social mediums. He’s a former travel blogger/influencer that has travelled all over the world. Andrew is a real trailblazer!

Join us for a fun conversation on just about everything under the sun from our creative passions and experiences of a lifetime to our favourite household appliances. Nothing is off-limits. 

In my lifetime, I’ve seen the creation of Indigenous Screen Office, the Black Screen Office. These are things that were not even a dreamable thing for the industry years ago.

– Andrew Lovesey

In This Episode:

  • What happens when influencers travel together?
  • Living life as an influencer and the pressures that come with content creation.
  • Working in a PR Agency, starting a travel blog, getting into the film industry, and other exciting aspects of Andrew’s career
  • Did you know Andrew can’t stand eating certain foods? Can you guess which ones?
  • How did Andrew land a job at Canadian Geographic?
  • Andrew proudly shares details about the first documentary from Canadian Geographic Films, which has been getting a lot of attention.
  • What does every filmmaker dream of? Andrew talks about participating in international film festivals and getting his films distributed internationally.

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