Exploring arcana and arhome with Co-Founder Felicia Snyder


In this episode, guest Felicia Snyder discusses her design-driven hospitality business, arcana. She also delves into the creation of arhome, their modern prefabricated cabin. We discuss the impact of nature and wellness routines, arcana’s team, and their team’s past success with Tokyo Smoke.

About arcana:

  • arcana, an experiential hospitality brand, has launched arhome, modern prefabricated guest dwellings designed for immersion in nature for sale and short-term rentals.
  • arhome guest dwellings are purpose-built for a two-person guest suite experience, offering a blend of design and operational efficiency. arhome is currently offering an introductory limited release of 25 guest suites, built in Canada and delivered Spring 2024.
  • arcana’s growth strategy includes scaling up by building more properties with 35-50 cabins each and expanding the availability of arhome units to individuals and commercial operations, such as vineyards looking for on-site accommodation solutions.

In This Episode:

  • 0:00 Introduction and guest presentation
  • 1:40 Discussion about arcana’s modern prefab guest dwelling called arhome
  • 6:21 arcana’s design, construction, and feedback collection process
  • 10:14 arcana’s expansion plans and property selection criteria
  • 13:12 The science behind the feel-good effect of nature and amenities at arcana
  • 17:15 The transformative impact of nature and wellness routines
  • 20:31 The team behind arcana and their previous success with Tokyo Smoke
  • 24:10 Operational challenges and improvements in the cabin design
  • 27:10 The host’s time living and working in Asia and working at Google and Samsung
  • 34:50 The host’s journey and how it led to arcana
  • 39:10 Closing remarks and future plans for arcana

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