Where Architecture Meets Interior Design w/ Beth Wassermuhl


Beth Wassermuhl is a fantastic architect and interior designer, who generously shares her love for hotels and interior design – and how she became an architect. She also talks us through the design process of one of her latest projects, which is truly mind-blowing. There are lots of visual treats in this episode too.

This is a conversation about understanding what humans need to truly thrive in a space. From the bones of a building and its structural integrity, through to where form and function meet, and the beauty of the surfaces you choose. Beth is at the vanguard of this fascinating creative world where innovative architecture meets exquisite interior design. 

From oversized Alice in Wonderland furniture to breakfast tables set in a swimming pool, or figuring out where the guest’s toothbrush will go, there’s a wide range of problem-solving and idea implementation that goes into creating a lavish and functional space for a client. Beth’s extensive history and consummate taste as a creative in this field makes her the perfect Cast of Creators guest to teach us all a thing or two. Thank you Beth!

The smallest thing can have such an impact on the way you feel in a space.

Beth Wassermuhl

In This Episode:

  • How did it all start for Beth? (clue: architecture runs in the family)
  • Miami as the home of architectural inspiration for Beth as a child
  • Appreciating the different scents and aesthetic touches in various hotels
  • Why Beth loves renovations more than a new build
  • The advantages of having an architect who is also an interior designer
  • What is value engineering?
  • Who is the ideal client? 
  • Understanding Studio Wi’s creative process
  • From mood board to apartment completion – idea to reality

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