Spreading Joy w/ Fashion Designer Evan Biddell


Evan Biddell is the creator of ‘The Playsuit’, an oversized flying squirrel-shaped onesie for any body type that inspires movement and creativity. Evan is also the winner of Project Runway Canada, a former contestant on Project Runway All-Stars, and was a guest host on Drag Race Canada. Evan has produced six runway shows for Toronto Fashion Week and has a newfound success with the creation of The Playsuit.

Evan’s style is inspired, his enthusiasm contagious, and he’s the perfect Cast of Creators guest. He shares today how he got started with the playsuit during lockdown, and raising people’s spirits with dance parties in playsuits by selling ‘pure joy’

Evan’s story is a modern entrepreneurial endeavor about starting with the cash in your wallet to buy fabric, develop patterns, make 100 playsuits, then playsuits on social, going viral, and never not looking back. 

We could tell you more but we would be spoiling what’s inside this fabulous episode that, like the playsuit itself, has lots of plus-sized goodness on the inside.

I’m just gonna make the things that I don’t see in the world – and they’re going to be useful

Evan Biddell

In This Episode:

  • Introducing the Werk Suit – unpacking Evan’s latest fashion outfit
  • ‘If I cannot market it, I am not going to sell it’
  • Making clothes to change people’s negative self-talk about body image
  • Selling out your first range faster than hotcakes
  • Shaping your own brand on Instagram 
  • Giving the audience what they want on TikTok (and learning from it too!)
  • Selling a million Playsuits!
  • Evan’s origin story – raving and making clothes
  • Winning Project Runway Canada
  • Going into a depression after TV fame
  • Getting started in fashion back in the day versus now
  • Developing your own brand through your own fashion collections
  • Being ‘style’ rather than ‘fashion’ 
  • How do you get into creating your own fabrics?
  • Evan’s advice: ‘start small’ 
  • The peace of mind that comes with a fashion uniform

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