Losing Weight & Gaining Followers w/ Coach Brendan Carpenter


Brendan Carpenter is a running coach and marathoner who lost 160 pounds. His story has been watched by millions on social media. Brendan shares his journey, his challenges as a creator, his new job, and the viral moments that led to him having a few hundred thousand followers on TikTok. 

Did you know that our host Nelson also lost a whopping 130 pounds? This is an episode about personal creation – shedding weight to realize our dreams. Seeing what’s possible when we really put ourselves out there. From going on air with Ryan Seacrest to becoming a creator and getting signed to an agency, Brendan’s story is an experience that can serve as inspiration for us all. 

Once I crossed that finish line it just like kinda completely changed my life. It’s not something I ever expected because, like I said, I was 360 pounds and I could not even run for a minute.

Brendan Carpenter

In This Episode:

  • Having that AHA moment when you know that you need to lose weight
  • How Nelson lost 130 pounds using the Bernstein Diet
  • Understanding caloric density
  • How did Brendan start running?
  • Life will take you where you want —  if you just let it
  • Going on-air with Ryan Seacrest
  • Instagram versus TikTok – batch posting and knowing when to post
  • Dealing with Imposter Syndrome
  • What is NOOM and mindful eating all about?
  • What does the future hold for Brendan?
  • Grow through what you go through

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