In Bloom with Florist Brock Stacey


Brock Stacey is an entrepreneur who’s intent on bringing beauty to the world with his exquisitely arranged flowers. Brock has a fascinating story, one that begins as a hairdresser at age 18 and continues for ten years as he became clients’ therapist and shoulder to cry on.

The emotional drain took its toll, and Brock ventured into the restaurant business before finding his niche as a flower arranger. His passion is infectious, and in this episode of Cast of Creators, he shares his unbridled joy with Nelson and Casie on everything from flowers to love and tattoos. 

Nelson & Casie dive in to understand Brock’s passion for business and appreciate his art form. If you’re listening to audio, check out the video to see Brock’s cute puppy, Fern!

We’re in a world now where people want excitement; they want color, they want pop.

Brock Stacey

In This Episode:

  • Being a listener and a fixer and having an answer for everyone’s problems
  • Perfecting the ‘Karen’ bob haircut as a teenager
  • Ten years of dealing with customer problems as a hairdresser
  • Starting a restaurant with two ‘A-Type’ personalities
  • Continuing to dream and not be afraid of following your passion in business
  • The joy of doing something different every day as a flower arranger
  • What does the metric style mean in terms of flower arranging?
  • Brock’s favorite flowers to work with
  • Advice for youngsters wanting to get tattoos
  • Floral and pottery workshops

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