Building Stronger Relationships w / Laira Thomas, Co-Hosted by Jen Kirsch


Have you ever wanted to have one of those taboo conversations, but never knew how to bring it up with your friend or lover? Laira Thomas is a facilitator for conversations around intimacy, connections, and sex. She is joined by Jen Kirsch as co-host, who’s been writing about relationships for more than a decade.

This is a sizzling hot conversation about all the things we subconsciously feel or recognize, but don’t have the words to articulate. Laira offers lots of practical advice on how to keep channels of communication clear with your partner and increase intimacy in small ways that aren’t necessarily sexual. 

From whispering sweet nothings to offering validations, and from safe words to the power of authenticity, it’s all here in this enlightening episode of Cast of Creators.

If you’re in a relationship and looking for ways to increase the flow between the two of you, you’ve come to the right place. Listen in and let Laira & Jen share relationship advice!

I want to encourage people to have conversations. Conversations with themselves, conversations with their partners, their friends, their family members…about intimacy, about connections, about sex. About their needs, their wants… and I want to facilitate people to do that for themselves.

 – Laira Thomas

In This Episode:

  • What is a facilitator?
  • When are you ready to share with a facilitator?
  • How to have uncomfortable conversations 
  • The importance of validating your partner
  • Food as a love language
  • Acts of service in a relationship
  • The importance of authenticity 
  • How are people getting in the way of themselves?
  • Safe words!
  • Is it normal to be monogamous?
  • Understanding what you need
  • “It’s you and me forever”
  • Creating a mind-map or picture album of where you are 

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