Building Confidence with a Life Coach | Coach Carey


Ever wondered what it takes to be a life coach? Find out from 3X certified life coach, Coach Carey, who’s in the house today to drop life wisdom and shoot the breeze with Nelson and Casie. 

Learn all about how to ask the right questions, how to start your day with positive affirmations, and reminisce about Chatty Cathy – what if there was a doll with a string that you could pull so you could say all the right things? 

This episode of Cast of Creators is a laugh-a-minute as you’ll learn about goal setting and self-improvement in the most casual of ways, with Toronto’s most warm and welcoming hosts and a super inspirational guest who’s with them all the way. Please join us!

One of my favorite quotes is: There’s always more to learn.

Raia ‘Coach’ Carey

In This Episode:

  • The premise of coaching: asking questions
  • Learning to be comfortable in silence
  • The value of practicing active listening 
  • Creating sponsored content and building brand relationships
  • The journey to weight loss

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