The World of Acting with Cory Lee


Today’s guest has lived 9 lives. Cory Lee is a singer/songwriter and actress. She was in a girl group and in her first professional play at age 11. In this episode, we talk about Cory’s time on Instant Star & Degrassi, her upcoming movies, and her experience in the music industry. Cory plays many different roles, in real life and in movies. Tune in to hear how she progressed from being in plays, to taking a leading role in film.

Revisiting things that once inspired you, does inspire you.

– Cory Lee

In This Episode:

  • How Cory Lee progressed from singing to acting
  • Cory’s take on how the music industry has evolved, especially for Asian creators
  • What it’s like to have a crazy music manager
  • How the acting world changed during COVID
  • Cory’s method for learning new lines, the add-on method

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