Daniel Carman Talks Over the Rainbow’s 48-Year Run in the Denim Business


Daniel Carman is in the Cast of Creators studio chatting about all things denim! Daniel is from Over The Rainbow jeans, a business his parents founded in 1975, a retail store that remains, to this day, Toronto’s premier denim destination.

Please enjoy the backstory on how Over The Rainbow was founded, how fashion and the Toronto neighborhood has changed, and their new 6500-foot store. This is a family success story about how a legacy brand was created by becoming a Yorkville staple and carrying over 70 brands. 

There’s a wonderful conversation about how jeans are made, how to build a business that appeals to different generations, and how to own your social media content. Daniel has been working in the family business since he was a teenager and has a deep understanding of fashion and denim.

We were around in the very beginning when people started to buy, and wear, and sell denim.

Daniel Carman 

In This Episode:

  • The origins of denim selling in Toronto
  • Growing up in the family denim business
  • Denim jumpsuits!
  • Over The Rainbow’s awesome new store
  • How a pair of denim jeans gets made
  • Casie’s history as a blogger / street reporter
  • Understanding marketing to different generations
  • Appreciating Hvr as a way to build your own site
  • The value of community experience and having a bricks and mortar store 
  • Five-year aspirations

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