Hat Maker to the Royals and Stars – David Dunkley


Cast of Creators is absolutely thrilled to be hosting Master Milliner, David Dunkley in the studio. 

David is a creator of the highest pedigree, an award-winning hat maker (milliner) who has studied with the former royal milliner to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. He’s made hats for tons of celebrities and members of the Royal Family. David elevates millinery to an art form with his intricate hat designs that spare no expense in terms of imagination, time, and effort required to create a masterpiece.

Nelson and Casie are curious to understand exactly how a hat gets made, and David obliges as she shares his story of how he got into the business. Throughout his career, David has maintained a professional work ethic and strict adherence to artistic integrity as he approaches each new piece. 

Learn about blocking, forming, and embellishment. Appreciate this handcrafted art form with its time-honoured techniques. It’s in David’s best interests that everyone feels good when they leave with one of his hats. And as Casie so rightly points out, “Looking good is feeling good.”

I’m hitting close to the 20 year mark and I only feel like in the last five years I’ve kind of started to hit my stride in experience. My hands and my mind can work together now. I can kind of design something the way I envision it because of my experience. But it’s taken a long time. Like any good artist, it takes years and years of practice.

David Dunkley

In This Episode:

  • The difference between a fascinator and a hat
  • Becoming a hat maker by accident
  • How to make a hat
  • Creating things you can’t find anywhere else
  • What hat has taken David the longest to make
  • Growing up in BC
  • David’s 3-day hat-making workshop
  • David’s take on trends (bucket hats are popular)
  • David’s new DDFM: Venice Collection

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