Getting The Party Started with DevoDLive


Today, we chat with Devante Burey, professionally known as DevoDLive. Devo is an entertainment host, influencer, and performance artist. He’s also the officialraptorsguy! On top of the many things he’s busy with, Devo is working on new music for his dynamic DJ group, Party Boys.

Join Nelson & Casie to hear Devo’s story and how he ensures every event is memorable for all guests in attendance. 

We packed so much into this episode including how to read the room to get a party started, music, summer festivals, and meeting Michael Bay.

Right off the bat, you want to make people comfortable as soon as they get in.

– DevoDLive

In This Episode:

  • How Devo started his career as a DJ and the effort that goes into hosting events
  • Devo talks about the importance of storytelling to make events more memorable
  • Festivals, events, and other exciting things we can expect from Devo this year

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