Fefe Dobson & Queen Priyanka


Fefe Dobson is a platinum-selling, Jono-nominated musician, a total rockstar. She is joined by the one and only Queen Priyanka, an international drag icon. This Cast of Creators episode is a riot from start to finish!

Priyanka is the winner of Canada’s Drag Race, and she’s sharing the ups and downs she endured while on the show including quitting her job and spending all her money on outfits. 

In this episode we discuss things they’ve overcome, being an entertainer, things that make us cry, and movies that make us afraid. There’s even a little ASMR. 

Fefe and Queen Priyanka discuss how they met, their future plans, pop star dreams, and rockstar crushes. It’s all here on a slightly chaotic episode of Cast of Creators! 

Once I won Drag Race, you know this big iconic thing happens, and all the press interviews the next day everyone’s like, “So, what’s next?”…I just started, you little bitch!


When I was young I was always performing and singing


In This Episode:

  • Being a drag queen during Pride Month
  • Priyanka’s gay awakening
  • Priyanka’s pop star ‘pipe dream’
  • How Fefe got into music as a child
  • Remembering how iconic you are in your darkest hour
  • The return of toxic culture and being catty on social media
  • What is ASMR?
  • Crushing on Guns ’n’ Roses
  • Going through the wringer in Drag Race
  • How did Fefe and Priyanka meet?
  • ‘If you write a love song, you’ll be set for life’
  • Priyanka’s new single and her awesome music videos
  • When was the last time you cried?
  • What’s your favorite scary movie?
  • How do you listen to your heart versus your head?

Cast of Creators: