Legacy Building with George Sully


Have you created a path and left a trail? George Sully has. He started out as an artist and music producer after watching his mother and brother pursue these fields. He soon became interested in fashion and started Limb Apparel. George quickly succeeded in the industry and went on to win the Fashion International Group Visionary Award.

Join us as we walk through George Sully’s life and how he’s doing things right.

Being black is being black. But being black and being ready for the opportunity is very important.

– George Sully

In This Episode:

  • How George got to be a jack of all trades
  • Brands he’s built over the years
  • Founding Black Designers of Canada
  • iPad for babies, good or bad?
  • Why you need to treat your child with respect and how it can shape their future
  • How COVID and technology have advanced together
  • Why George Sully got numerous apologies from big names

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