Unleashing Your Inner Rockstar with Good Enough Live Karaoke


Imagine yourself on stage, with a backup band, ready to perform a song you’ve always wanted to sing, and ACTUALLY doing it! Well, guess what? With Good Enough Live Karaoke band, you can!

Today’s guests are Tim, Estee, and Zane from Good Enough Live Karaoke, a band that offers an interactive entertainment experience for corporate gatherings, holiday parties, weddings, birthdays, and other private events. They also play a regular circuit of gigs in the Greater Toronto Area.  

The band talks about how the idea for GELK came to be, their various backgrounds, playing gigs during the pandemic, venues, TIFF, Burning Man and more. They’ve played hundreds of shows and are full of great stories!  

Listen to hear all about Good Enough Live Karaoke band, great nightlife, and their future plans. 

The official Good Enough Live Karaoke motto is ‘We play, you sing,’ but it should really be ‘Anything could happen’.

-Zane Banyan

Connect with Good Enough Live Karaoke:

  • The origin story of Good Enough Live Karaoke
  • Shows in the middle of the pandemic in the Phoenix Concert Theatre 
  • Relocating to Toronto 
  • The dynamics of Good Enough Live Karaoke    
  • What’s next for the band

In This Episode:

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