Stripping Away Shame with Jacqui Childs


Get ready for the juiciest episode of Cast of Creators yet! Join guest host Kaye Parker as she teams up with Nelson and Casie to chat with the fascinating author, influencer, and entrepreneur, Jacqui Childs.

Jacqui shares it all as she talks about her incredible life journey, from her early days running a daycare to modelling, and almost becoming the face of Cougar Life. She opens up about her marriage, relationships, and the hard-earned life truths that have helped her become the inspiring woman she is today.

With authenticity at the forefront, Jacqui talks about the power of vulnerability and breaking free from shame. She shares how she manages to be smart, funny, and sexy all at once, and what it takes to stop worrying about ‘The Joneses’ and start living life on your own terms.

In this episode, we dive into Jacqui’s experience on OF and her recent bipolar diagnosis during COVID. You don’t want to miss a single moment of this steamy, thought-provoking conversation. Tune in now and discover how you can have it all!

What would I tell myself back then? Stop worrying about THEM. It doesn’t matter. And never mind keeping up with the Joneses or trying to please the Joneses. You’re past the Joneses

Jacqui Childs
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In This Episode:

  • What’s it like being on OF?
  • Do her online relationships get too heavy?
  • Why Jacqui couldn’t celebrate her early success 
  • Pole dancing, what a workout 
  • The power of showing people how to get out of shame
  • Being all the things: smart, funny, and sexy
  • Jacqui on almost being the face of Cougar Life
  • Jacqui’s husband and how he oversees her brand
  • Being diagnosed as bipolar during COVID

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