Jessica Gorlicky: Live Art, Love, & Breathwork


What happens when you get 45 people to breathe in unison? Allow Jessica Gorlicky to describe it for you! Jessica is a high-energy performance artist/live painter who has learned to use art as a therapeutic tool throughout her life.

She’s in the Hvr studio today with Nelson and Casie, sharing how she got into art as a child (thanks, Bob Ross!), how she came to enjoy it as a career, and how painting massive murals has afforded her the privilege of traveling the world

Listening to Jessica is goosebumps-giving stuff as she also reveals the pain of her divorce and how she used her ‘Fuck I Love You’ stencil graffiti campaign as a love gift – to heal herself and to put more beauty out into the world. 

This episode has sound baths and mismatched socks, joy, and some heartache. Please join us on an episode of Cast of Creators that leave you with a high vibe!

The amount of years and work and hours we have all fought to have access to what we want to provide for this world, that’s a heavy topic right there. It’s huge. We’ve hustled hard. We keep hustling. It doesn’t stop.

Jessica Gorlicky

In This Episode:

  • When did Jessica realize she could draw? Being inspired by Bob Ross
  • What do you know about life – and making life decisions – at 17?
  • How Casie used to choose her own outfits for school as a child
  • Why jazz is a wild beast and keeps the heart rate racing
  • Jessica’s wellness routine of breathwork and sound baths (Twilight Tuesday)
  • How did Jessica get into live painting and performance art
  • What happens when you get 45 people to breathe in unison?
  • Jessica’s impressive world travels as a live painter 
  • ‘How do you know when you are ready to show all your work to the world?’
  • Jessica recalls her first sale
  • What is the largest piece Jessica has ever painted? 
  • Understanding the message of ‘Fuck I Love You’ 
  • How Jessica processed her divorce
  • Jessica’s new home/studio/wellness retreat

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