Between Art & Reality with Jules Mercanti


Art is a gift to humanity. It is the representation of what we long for and it helps us understand the world better. Art allows us to explore new ideas and experiences and what could be possible. 

For Jules Mercanti, art has allowed her to express herself vibrantly, as seen in her recent paintings. She is a fast-rising artist described as “a cheeky illustrator and painter whose work is a fever-dream afterparty for reality.” Her solo show at the Cry Baby Gallery in Toronto showcased her unconventional style. 

Join us as we chat with Jules about art, life, and anything under the sun. I promise you will enjoy listening to this episode!

“I’m trying to embrace change as much as I can, and I know it’s super scary, but I’m trying to grow.”

– Jules Mercanti

In This Episode:

  • How long has Jules been creating art?
  • Jules reminisces about her days from being a model to becoming a full-time artist.
  • The different ways Jules gets inspiration for her paintings and the experiences that go with it
  • What does it feel like when people recognize you outside, especially in the most unlikely places?
  • What does Jules think about creating content for social media?
  • Jules talks about some cool projects, her first solo show, and an upcoming mural. 
  • The benefits of daily practice in everyday life
  • How do you make your art available to more people but still make a profit? Jules shares the pricing structure for her work.
  • What’s next for Jules?

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