Kaitlin Narciso on the Growth of Streets of Toronto & Evolving Media Landscape


In this episode, Kaitlin Narciso discusses her journey from journalism to content creation, the evolution of Streets of Toronto, and navigating the shift from traditional to digital media. The conversation also covers creator anxiety, content organization, and the intersection of journalism and content creation. The future of Toronto, its comparison to other cities, and the impact of changing business landscapes are explored. Lastly, Kaitlin introduces Drop Creative Agency and her series “My Niagara”.

In this Episode:

  • 0:00 Introduction of Kaitlin Narciso and discussion on her transition from journalism to content creation
  • 6:27 Balancing emotional and superficial content and the growth of Streets of Toronto
  • 16:30 Transition from traditional to digital media revenue streams and Instagram monetization
  • 24:19 Dealing with creator anxiety, organizing content, and tools for content editing
  • 29:04 The blurred line between content creation and journalism, and the role of traditional journalism
  • 35:09 Future plans for Toronto and its growth over the last decade
  • 41:52 Comparing Toronto to other cities and the convenience of its facilities
  • 45:32 Impact of disappearing businesses on routines and fast food preferences
  • 51:20 Introduction to Drop Creative Agency and hosting “My Niagara” series

Connect with Kaitlin

Instagram – @kaitlin.narciso

Tiktok – @kaitlin.narcisco

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