The Trials and Tribulations of Kaye Parker


Have you ever reached a point in your life where you’re left wondering how you got there and you’re looking for change, but not sure where to start? Kaye Parker is a Toronto-based creator and media personality. She’s chatting with Nelson (who’s flying solo) in this raw and emotional episode of Cast of Creators.

Kaye was adopted and grew up in a small town in Niagara Falls. She openly shares the trials and tribulations of being a young musician, a mother of three, and the power of authenticity when growing an online community. In turn, Nelson shares on the struggles he and his wife had trying to conceive. There’s a lot of sharing and it’s honestly quite beautiful. 

From experiencing the feeling of not being enough, dating, pregnancy, getting married at a young age, having kids, and getting divorced — it’s all here.

Kaye’s authenticity is endearing and a revelatory expression of what it feels like to have it all and still not feel happy. And yet, Kaye is still out there, creating valuable content and putting her positive, quirky spin on things. This is Cast of Creators going deep into the feels!

I really allowed my inner thoughts and my inner narrative that I wrote about myself (‘I’m not enough’) and all of the trauma that I experienced, I let that override my success and my potential .

Kaye Parker

In This Episode:

  • Kaye’s origin story growing up adopted in Niagara Falls
  • What does it mean to be a Pentecostal Christian?
  • Learning to talk in tongues
  • Going to a school with a strong arts community 
  • Recording an album at a young age
  • Getting pregnant at 22, married at 23
  • What does it look like to be afraid of success?
  • Kaye’s regrets around her own self-sabotage
  • Going through a divorce
  • Having a perfect life — but being so unhappy
  • The pain of losing a son
  • Seeing your future in fragments going down the drain
  • Being diagnosed with cervical cancer at 18
  • Nelson shares the story of his wife’s ‘chemical’ pregnancy
  • What does re-evaluating your life look like?
  • Understanding Kaye’s showcase, Trials and Tribulations
  • If you don’t experience pain, how are you supposed to experience happiness?
  • Kaye experiments with TikTok and suddenly gets a following
  • Imagining a life without kids
  • Be careful what you manifest!
  • Transform your life by changing your own narrative

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