DAOs & Web3: The Future of Community Engagement w/ Khayyam Wakil


Today’s guest on Cast of Creators is renowned media & tech disruptor Khayyam Wakil. He’s sharing insights into the power of DAOs and the emerging community spirit in Web3.

A DAO (a decentralized autonomous organization) is a type of organization that is run on the blockchain. The smart contracts lay out the rules that govern the DAO and are used to execute decisions.

Khayyam chats about events like SXSW and the token system empowering communities, entrepreneurial projects, and the value of earned access to events. 

This episode is a fascinating conversation for anyone wanting to up their game when it comes to the future of the web and community engagement. 

If you get a lot of people incentivised by doing good and just being good, and contributing double down on their community, well, they should have access to things others don’t.

– Khayyam

In This Episode:

  • Understanding Web 3.0
  • The perils of getting your crypto account cleaned out!
  • Starting a champagne DAO
  • Earned access versus monetary access
  • Understanding ‘token gating’ 

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