Lauren McPhillips Talks Influencer Brand Strategy & Community Building


Lauren McPhillips is a brand strategist, online community builder, and person behind the hugely popular Instagram handle ‘This Renegade Love.’ She also knows Casie from back in the day when she worked at Contiki, and they traveled to Thailand with a bunch of YouTubers & bloggers.

Lauren joins Nelson and Casie in this effervescent episode about building brands that feel good, the importance of travel, and what it’s like to have viral moments on the ‘gram.

This is the story of how one woman pivoted from traditional print journalism to online influencer marketing and then to brand strategy. It’s a conversation about following your calling and facing your fears.

Lauren has taken a stand in the past about not wanting kids, and this gets covered under the umbrella of Lauren’s fervent independence and free thinking. This episode is full of great takeaways for any brand or creator, plus it’s peppered with laughter and real talk.

I love TikTok, and I’m so fascinated by it because their algorithm and how viral you can go is absolutely wild.

Lauren McPhillips

In This Episode:

  • The story behind the name ‘This Renegade Love’
  • What it’s like to go traveling with content creators
  • The beauty of organic brand partnerships
  • Lauren’s thoughts on the changing social media platforms
  • Getting a million views on TikTok
  • Don’t sleep on Pinterest!
  • Lauren’s origin story
  • Back when influencers were bloggers
  • Why Lauren doesn’t want kids
  • The pressure of fitting in a box
  • Talking dogs
  • Letting people know who you are online
  • Getting diagnosed with ADHD
  • What’s next for This Renegade Love?

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