Going Viral with Lauren O’Neil


Have you had your 15 seconds of fame? Today’s guest Lauren O’Neil talks about her “Season of Draking,” her viral stories, and the process of publishing a website. Lauren is a senior news editor at BlogTO, formerly known for her work with CBC News, Toronto Star, and MTV Canada. She shares some fun news tips with us and explains how to be prepared in a world that’s always changing.

Tune in to hear how Lauren made it in the journalism industry and some of her viral moments.

If you can talk to somebody in China who knows what that it is, then that’s viral.

– Lauren O’Neil

In This Episode:

  • How Lauren got into Journalism
  • Casie’s bridesmaid duties for Lauren’s wedding
  • These are the topics that people love to read about
  • What motivates Lauren to write 3 stories a day
  • Why Lauren doesn’t like to publish her blogs before having them copy edited
  • And so much more…

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