Nothing But Good Vibes w/ Lisa Sonshine


Feel like you need a little more sunshine in your life? We’ve got Lisa Sonshine in the house – one-half of Canada’s favourite children’s music duo, Sonshine and Broccoli. And she’s bringing all the sunshine you need to shine some light on what it takes to make it as a performing artist.

Lisa and hosts Nelson and Casie riff on everything from parenthood to the pandemic (the ‘panini’) in this episode that will have you laughing along as much as you probably sing along at home to Sonshine and Broccoli’s infectious hit songs. 

Considering that Lisa has been performing in her music duo with Brock Burford for 21 years and counting, she sure does have a lot of industry insight and what it takes to stay creatively inspired.

Join us in a relaxing conversation that will have every Canadian who’s heard one of their songs, joyfully celebrating Lisa’s musical moments as well as life experiences. The sunshine is bright and warm – come and bask in it with us.

For me to be able to write my own music, do what I want to do, and be booked so far in advance is a really big gift.

– Lisa Sonshine

In This Episode:

  • How Lisa started performing and busking at age 19
  • Surviving the pandemic with their 11 am Instagram Live show
  • Lisa and Nelson share a few laughs about going to the same school
  • Being a new parent and how to take your child with you wherever you go
  • A new album launch and TV show in the works!
  • Oh, the joys of in-person ‘post-panini’ conversations

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