Making Movies w/ BANDIT Director Allan Ungar


Today’s guest is Canadian film director, producer, and screenwriter, Allan Ungar, who produced the movie Bandit which will be in select theatres and streaming services on September 23rd. He explains what it’s like to produce a movie, how much harder it was to do in the middle of a pandemic, and working with his dream actors. 

Listen now to hear all about the making of the movie Bandit and how Allan got into the filmmaking industry.

There’s no one path. There’s no right way to do it.

– Allan Ungar

In This Episode:

  • The true story behind the Bandit film
  • Filming in Georgia to make it look like Canada
  • Allan was able to check THIS off of his bucket list
  • Why it is important to REALLY understand music for films
  • How producers decide which scenes to cut; it’s not what you think

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