Beauty & Skincare w/ Margot Grant Witz


Margot Grant Witz is the granddaughter of Elizabeth Grant, the original founder of the luxury skincare company, Elizabeth Grant International Inc. Her mother, Marion Witz, is the President, and Margot is the Vice President.

This is the story of a Toronto-based, woman-owned skincare empire, bursting with good family values and even a secret anti-aging serum! Margot raves about her grandmother as a pioneer, starting woman-owned businesses at a time when that was simply not done.

The company is celebrating its 75th anniversary and, like their anti-aging moisturizer, the company (and the women running it) seem more rejuvenated with each new day, producing excellent new products and innovating with their TV marketing on The Shopping Channel.

 All of this has much to do with Margot being in front of the camera and bringing her vivacious attitude to every interaction. This makes Margot a brilliant Cast of Creators guest – her enthusiasm is a joy to be a part of! 

It wasn’t like I was entrenched in the business. It was just  ‘how do I help my family?’ And then the more that it grew, the more opportunities that grew, my mother was just like, “Let’s go Margot! You’re gonna go here. You’re gonna go to France. You’re gonna go to LA. And I was like, ‘Okay. Let’s have some fun and see how we go.

Margot Grant Witz

In This Episode:

  • How the ‘family business’ shapes who you are
  • Being a Shopping Channel (TSC) brand
  • How Margot’s grandmother developed  Torricelumn™, Elizabeth Grant’s superior moisturizing serum
  • How Elizabeth’s mother opened a skincare manufacturing company
  • The importance of innovation in the skincare business 
  • What is Margot’s favorite product?
  • Margot’s first on-air moment as a child with her grandmother
  • Skincare products made in Toronto, tested on in-house staff (not animals)
  • Making your own food growing up in South Africa
  • The days are long but the years are short – on being a mom

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