From Athlete to Filmmaker w/ Award-Winning Actress Mariah Owen


Want to know what it takes to make it in the world of film? Mariah Owen has been called “The Youngest Executive Producer in Hollywood” and she’s in the studio with Nelson and Casie to share her meteoric rise as an award-winning actress and filmmaker.

Mariah’s films tackle difficult subject matters and this episode casts a light on how indie films are getting made with the right sensitivity. What does a film producer do? How does a film even get made? 

This is a chinwag deluxe as Mariah unwinds on Cast of Creators in a relaxing, effervescent conversation.

Having someone in your corner is so valuable; it’s imperative to your success. Especially when you’re dealing with a delicate subject matter. It’s exciting – and it should be standard. (re: intimacy coordinators)

–  Mariah Owen

In This Episode:

  • Founding a production company (GTE) at age 21
  • Understanding intimacy coordination on set
  • Allowing yourself to be vulnerable to facilitate a more authentic creative process
  • Changing the narrative around industry people who thought Maria was “too young”
  • Professional cheerleading, boating, salmon fishing, fertility treatment

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