Mastering Multiple Trades w/ Jiu-Jitsu Blackbelt Matthew Pasquale


Sculpting your body—or even just taking care of it—is an art form these days. Today’s creator is Matthew Pasquale, a man with a black belt in jujitsu, a gym owner, and a personal trainer… who also happens to have been in a band with Nelson when they were at school together!

This episode of Cast of Creators is bursting at the seams with beautiful backstories as we learn things about Casie that not even Nelson knew! It turns out that chatting martial arts brings out the badass in us.

In terms of chatting fitness regimes and morning routines, this is as inspirational and down-to-earth as it gets. It’s super relatable and you’re going to want to listen, if only to learn that we all need to take Casie way more seriously before messing with her!

Training is a stimulus but if that stimulus doesn’t do anything, or if you don’t take in the necessary calories and do the necessary things to grow from that stimulus, nothing will happen.

  – Matthew Pasquale

In This Episode:

  • Going to high school with Nelson
  • Writing 18-minute-long songs
  • Being inspired by Pink Floyd
  • The weird record deal that almost led to a lawsuit
  • Randy Couture, the GOAT of MMA
  • Casie’s previous life as a taekwondo badass
  • Understanding jiu-jitsu ranking
  • Casie’s mom and her eccentric family background 
  • Opening a gym in an industrial area
  • Matthew’s personal training routine
  • The magic of bodybuilding
  • The importance of sleep
  • Having a gym locked down during COVID
  • The value of investing in yourself

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