Making History Cool w/ Morgan Ross & Old Toronto


Morgan Ross is a musician, actor, and founder of The Old Toronto Series. Old Toronto is an immensely popular history-focused storytelling platform with 5 million+ impressions monthly and 500 hundred thousand+ followers across their social accounts. Even Drake follows Old Toronto!

Morgan joins Nelson and Casie in the Hvr studio today to chat about Toronto history, creating the Old Toronto series, and his character on Murdoch Mysteries. This episode covers appreciating Toronto’s history and creating short-form content around it, to marketing Morgan’s beverage, and dealing with people who copy your original ideas. The Cast shares lots of laughs all while drinking Morgan’s Old Toronto Beer!

If Drake follows Morgan Ross and the Old Toronto series, shouldn’t you?! Tune in to hear Morgan’s take on all things Toronto and relive the 90s “cultural moment” that was McDonald’s pizza. IYKYK!

I really actually believe that spreading the knowledge of community helps that community in numerous ways. And to be honest, that’s why I do it.

Morgan Ross

In This Episode:

  • Where is Morgan actually from?
  • Appreciating Toronto’s history as a guest 
  • The art of creating short, consumable content
  • Why being smart is cool
  • What to do when people copy your content
  • Morgan’s appreciation of immigration history
  • How does Morgan deal with the haters online? 
  • How do you balance affordable housing demands with other city transit and infrastructure issues? 
  • Is Morgan a skier or a snowboarder?
  • Appreciating Morgan’s cameo on Murdoch Mysteries
  • Old Toronto and on brand real estate tie-ins
  • Framing difficult historical issues in a positive way
  • The cultural moment that was McDonald’s pizza in the 90s
  • What’s next for Old Toronto?

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