Cooking Up a Career in Media with Pay Chen


What’s cooking in your kitchen? Today, TV & radio host/producer & writer, Pay Chen joins Nelson & Casie to share her Halifax cooking origin stories and personal insights into a career in the broadcasting industry. 

Pay was born in Taiwan, raised in Nova Scotia, and has gained fame for her many TV appearances where Pay speaks passionately about her love for food. 

In this episode of Cast of Creators, Nelson and Casie explore what Pay has learned throughout her career, making it in the ‘big city, and the process of creating her new condiment ‘Sacha-ish’. We even get to sample it! Order yours here!

This episode is all the ingredients that go into defining your value as an artist in a creative industry, how you measure your worth, and what you can charge for your skills.

Pay is a wonderful guest and this is an episode you don’t want to miss! Tune in while you’re baking something for yourself in the kitchen and enjoy some homemade self-indulgence with the Cast of Creators. 

The feeling of imposter syndrome never really goes away, but I got to a point where I was like, nah, F-you, I can do this

Pay Chen

In This Episode:

  • Growing up pre-internet where you didn’t know to want things
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome 
  • Making more money by saying ‘no’ more often
  • Pay’s background in children’s writing
  • Cooking during the pandemic
  • Tasty meals from Pay’s recent trip to Italy
  • Pay’s first Savoury Cooking Condiment w/ Zing Pantry Shortcuts

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