The Power of Fandom & NFTs w/ Raine Maida


Today, we have Raine Maida on the show! Raine Maida is a Canadian humanitarian, technologist, and frontman for multi-platinum alt-rock legends, Our Lady Peace. Maida is also the founder of Drrops App, a web3 platform connecting artists with their community.

Raine is one of the few artists who has advanced with technology and understands how to succeed.

An NFT, in my opinion, is only as good as a utility that’s built on top of it.

– Raine Maida

In This Episode:

  • Why a lot of people are losing money with NFTs
  • Why subscription services don’t work for artists
  • How to start thinking digitally while not taking any time from your day
  • What BlockChain does better than Patreon for artists

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