Meet RAXX, Female Rapper on the Rise


RAXX is a Toronto rapper and songwriter who grew up in snowy Collingwood. She’s now blowing up in Toronto/LA with her authentic style and unique sound. 

RAXX joins Casie and Nelson in the Hvr studio and they’re freestyling as per usual about everything from Nelson’s dietary whims to Casie’s detective skills when it comes to outing a troll. 

In between, RAXX chats about producing music videos, making a great EPK (Electronic Press Kit), and how to make the most of TikTok and social media as you build your career

There’s also a sprinkling of AI and ChatGPT, transforming poetry into rap songs, and deep fake videos. RAXX is super relaxed with great energy and is beautifully engaging

There’s always this image of what a female rapper is supposed to be, right? So I think it’s nice to be authentic to yourself, and really speak about things that we go through as women — because there needs to be a voice for that.


In This Episode:

  • Growing up on the ski slopes of Collingwood 
  • Starting as a SoundCloud rapper (not being taken too seriously)
  • Nelson’s ‘mod’ diet — is he a salad guy?
  • Where does RAXX find her inspiration
  • Making sure your EPK (Electronic Press Kit) looks good
  • What does a rap battle involve?
  • Exposing your vulnerabilities as an artist
  • Detective Casie defeats the online trolls!
  • Why there’s more ego in the industry now thanks to TikTok
  • How Casie is embracing ChatGPT 
  • Should you register your own OnlyFans handle?
  • RAXX’s upcoming shows and future plans

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