From Music to Luxury Fashion with Shayne Stephens


In this episode of Cast of Creators, hosts Nelson and Casie chat to the Winnipegger with a winning formula for life – Shayne Stephens.

Shayne is a Canadian fashionista with an awesome origin story that takes him from the hockey rink to working on Peter Nygård’s private island and making it in the fashion world with his affable personality and easy-going style. Listen in on how to leverage your relationships until you’re at the top, drinking Louis XIII. 

I see things that I like and I buy them and wear them. Period. I put stuff together, and everyone has their own unique way of doing things – and I have mine.

– Shayne Stephens

In This Episode:

  • Growing up in Winnipeg (tucking half your hockey shirt in)
  • Hitchhiking to Whistler as a 21-year-old
  • Aspiring to become a GQ editor
  • What Shayne learned while working at NYGÅRD
  • How to leverage your relationships to pull off pop-up events
  • How to approach your own sense of fashion
  • The art of genuinely being interested in getting to know someone

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