A Life of Luxury with Steve Dolson


In this episode of Cast of Creators, Nelson & Casie chat all about luxury lifestyle and brand partnerships with Steve Dolson, the man behind LXRY Magazine

Steve Dolson & LXRY Magazine have been curating & creating content for the past 10 years. We chat about everything from vintage watches to the latest drone technology. It’s ‘How To Get Ahead in Marketing’ hot tips, luxury vehicles, and personal gripes, that are insightful and entertaining. 

Join us for a  conversation with one of Canada’s coolest digital entrepreneurs. 

Cars, watches, vacations, travel spots, fashion, technology… I love talking about all these different things. So that’s why I talk – and write – about them. It’s very simple. I’m a very simple man.

– Steve Dolson

In This Episode:

  • LXRY magazine celebrates its 10-year anniversary
  • Talking cars (Mustangs and Teslas), and goats!
  • The value of vintage watches and fashion and the latest in drone technology
  • Understanding how a creative agency works (a unique international approach) 
  • Red flags in Zoom meetings and thinking ahead of time…


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