Quitting Your Job to Be a Full-Time Creator w/ Trisha Enriquez


Casie and Nelson are delighted to host Trisha Enriquez, a Toronto-based blogger, and content creator who covers health, fitness, and all things motherhood.  

In this entertaining episode, Trisha shares how she made the jump to being a full-time creator and discusses her newly launched digital agency. Trisha’s exuberance is infectious as she describes her joy in doing what she loves while involving her family in the process.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful insight into a working woman success story, with a sprinkling of Casie and Nelson’s personal lives on the side!

For a lot of women I’ve worked with through the fitness stuff, it’s about going back, but it’s also about embracing where we’re at… and loving the Mom Bod.

Trisha Enriquez

In This Episode:

  • Trisha’s fitness origin story
  • How Trisha got into Pre- and Post-Natal fitness 
  • Trisha’s blog and how she made the switch to full-time creator
  • The joy of documenting one’s life digitally
  • Being on the cover of Strong Fitness magazine
  • The launch of Trisha’s social media agency


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