How to Let Go with Fashion Photographer Lindsay Anne Delaney 


Lindsay Anne Delaney is undoubtedly leaving her mark on the Canadian fashion scene. Born and raised in St. John’s, Newfoundland, she’s a fashion photographer and bonafide brand, artist, editor, creative director, and model. 

Lindsay is at Hvr Studios spilling the tea on the Toronto arts scene and revealing just why she’s so successful with her razor-sharp insight, big energy, and creativity. 

Delaney’s story is all about owning who you are, going with your gut, and spreading positive energy.  She shares how she got her start in photography through to that moment when she knew she’d arrived. As the Creative Director for Addicted Magazine, Lindsay recently shot cover stories featuring past Cast of Creators guests George Sully and Canadian music icon Raine Maida

There’s a new Toronto in town. I’ve been saying it. And we move differently

Lindsay Anne Delaney

In This Episode:

  • Lindsay’s love of print
  • On being Creative Director of Addicted Magazine
  • Spilling the tea on Toronto’s celebrity arts scene
  • Owning George Sully shoes
  • Using up all your sunshine on the internet
  • Why energy is ‘expensive’ and why boundary-setting is important
  • The importance of creative content having a purpose, and a home
  • Learning to trust in the process of everything
  • Transitioning from a scarcity mindset after the pandemic
  • Why the younger generation is the new creative eye
  • Surviving High School in St. John’s, Newfoundland 
  • Lindsay’s origin story about getting into photography 
  • Working with the right people to execute your creative vision
  • The value of doing everything yourself (being a control freak)
  • Being behind – and in front of – the camera
  • Bringing fashion back with long-form videos 
  • Leaving Toronto to make American money!

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